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Build things that build things

We are eternal optimists, full of coffee, found the 25th hour in a day, and love technology. We building amazing people, teams, and companies. We build technology that builds other technology. Our goal is to multiply the goodness of technology, software, and open source.

Things I Say

Read, listen, and watch because at least one thing will make a difference for either your career, your team, your organization, your company, or the world. Some of what is said are fresh; some are profound, and some are “duh.” I take part in too much continuous learning to keep these ideas to myself.

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The Reference Tech Co.

It’s more than “..do what [Google, Facebook, Twitter, you-name-it] does.” It’s about identifying and organizing the behaviors and approaches any company can. I’m on a mission to define a reference for how a modern-day tech company should look.

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What I Talk ABout

My Story

It all started with my first laptop, the first wifi router on the block, Notepad, PHP, and MySQL. It has created happy customers, happier teams, kicking apple carts, unique opportunities, and incredible insights. And, it’s not over yet.

I took a career from boring paper-pushing to building & leading high-performing teams. My drive is to share my experience of jumping in-and-out of industry, building companies, and curating a specific mindset & skill set.